Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Hello Friends I just wanted to invite you all to come and craft with me on Ustream at http://ustream.tv/channel/itza-thoughts on April 4th at 2:30 PM Pacific standard time. For those who are new to MIXED MEDIA I would like to welcome you and I know you will love it and have lots of fun with this type of art. Mixed Media is basically ART that is created using different types of medium such as Acrylic Paints, Water colors, Pan Pastels, Gelatos, different types of glues, magazine clippings, designer paper, tissue paper, fabrics, laces, all types of embellishments and well just about anything you can think of. Home Depot is an ideal place to serch for metal findings, all types of tapes (Dry Wall tape, Screen Tape, Metal Tape) tiles, and just about everything except the kitchen sink. In mixed media you will us different mediums to create a master piece. What I LoVE the most about mixed media is that you can create your art on just about any type of surface art journals, canvas, tiles, wood, and so on the possibilities are endless and the sky's your limit. Here is a basic supply list you will need for tomorrows ustream 1. Any type of surface to create your art 2. Gesso 3. Acrylic paints, water colors, gelatos, any type of coloring medium you like 4. white glue or any type of multi medium glue 5. Stamps 6. Stencils 7. Color Sprays (I use Lindys) 8. Tissue paper and/or designer paper (this gives texture) 9. Hot Glue w/ glue sticks 10. Paint brushes 11. A cup with water 12. Molding paste 13. THE MOST IMPORTANT - YOUR IMAGINATION

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